Welcome to Copa Imperial. Naturally Superior Tequila

All of our Agave comes from a natural ecosystem, far from highways, on land that has not been used for at least 8yrs. , where its’ controlled by certified organic products before it is planted.

They have high standards of conduct and elegance, the same way Copa Imperial does with its superior quality and unique flavor

In Mexico, roosters are powerful animals famous for being perfectionist creatures, always in control of their surroundings.

About Copa Imperial

At Copa Imperial, our goal is to create a new tequila culture by introducing a new generation of tequila drinkers to our high quality, award winning, 100% organic blue agave tequila.


By captivating the consumer with the superior quality of our products, we intend to educate the pallet through the fine art of “sipping” tequila.


Visual Phase

Brilliant, clean white crystalline color with silver hues. It has great body.


Aromatic Development

Intense herbal aromas, such as, mint and raw agave, sparks of raw spices like: black pepper and harmonious tones of grapefruit and lemon tea; a pleasing floral discovery and a slight olive aroma. The cooked agave define its balanced personality.


In Mouth Development

It is silky; its delicate passage unfolds vapors of cooked agave, lemon tea, and black pepper with a vibrant and balanced finish.

Tequilla Blanco

Tequilla Reposado

Visual Phase

Luminous, clean, golden straw yellow color with silver and gold sparks, it has a powerful body.


Aromatic Development

The cooked agave is intense, has fruity sparks, such as crystallized orange and ripe banana define its style and floral aromas.The tones developed while being stored in barrels, such as vanilla and caramel define its well accomplished style. It is balanced.


Fase Gustative

It confirms its olfactory promise leaving an array of fruits, vanilla and intense cooked agave. It is silky and has a great finale.


Tequilla Añejo

Visual Phase

Clean, crystalline golden yellow color with golden hues and a great body..


Aromatic Development

Its first impression is happy floral tones of roses, conserved fruit aromas, spicy hues, the cooked agave is intense, and the barrel's aromas leave a remembrance of nuts and burnt caramel.


In Mouth Development

Powerful, intense, leaves an array of nuts, vanilla and caramel, intense cooked agave vapors and leaves an intense long in mouth permanence.



Extra Añejo Special Edition

Limited Edition Extra Special Tequila

A first whiff of this tequila lets you know that you are certainly in for a very bold agave flavor. A dark tone permeates its entirety. And as expected, the first sip does not disappoint. Even with the strong agave flavor, it is suprisingly smooth. A top-notch tequila for all occasions. Dinner, drinks, impressing a client, impressing a lady? This tequila makes fast friends. At the end as the flavor begins to fade, you can really taste the fantastic agave used in its creation.


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